ERICH SCHMIDT is a Security Consultant offering Cyber Security, Executive Protection, and Privacy solutions. Erich has advised private and government agencies on topics such as digital forensics, social media investigations, and open-source intelligence. Erich is a forward-thinker and he is known for presenting unique ways to combat and discover crime. Erich frequently conducts live training for law enforcement and civilian investigators, presenting cutting edge solutions at each class. Erich is passionate about privacy, detecting threats in the online world, and disclosing how the Internet has allowed predators to create more victims.




You can reach Erich and his team for any of the above solutions by emailing the address below:

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. If you are passionate about combating human trafficking and protecting children online, reach out to Erich for volunteer opportunities. Local law enforcement agencies may request free training from Erich but may be referred to paid classes due to contract obligations.